Mark Bergin

Performing PROFESSIONALLY since 16 supporting some of Australias biggest acts ,DIVINYLS, Aussie Crawl, Goanna to name a few Mark learnt stagecraft and the art of entertainment at an early age. Since then Mark has performed across Australia and overseas in duos bands and as a solo act, moving audiences with his songs and delivering A mixture of blues soul, folk, poP/prock, Mark plays acoustic /electric guitar harmonica and stomp delivered with an awesome live sound and a connection to the audience which is rare.

sound engineer

Being a sound engineer has major benifits live for delivering an awesome sound "so many acts have little regard for the sound they are actually putting out!... To me it's of paramount importance... how the music sounds and feels directly relates to the experience of the audience".


"It's all about a great night out, pure and simple!... People have to be jumping up and down wanting more at the end of the night... this is my minimum requirement... "A dance, a laugh... a great night out... It's my job to deliver!"

the songs

"The song is at the centre of the whole music industry... to deliver it with pure energy and faithful convictiion is the at the heart of my live performances."